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The Nazi Connection/Appartheid

• Contrary to the popular assumptions about concentration camps, the first concentration camps actually happened in 1904-1907 in a region of German South Africa, which is part of present day Namibia. Led by Lt. General Lothar von Trotha, the Germans of South West Africa began placing a group of natives known as the Herero tribe into concentration camps. Before the camps the Herero numbered 80,000 and after the camps they numbered less than 15,000 (21, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 38, 55). During this time, a man named Dr. Eugen Fischer was invited to German Southwest Africa as an anthropologist to study the Herero. He wrote the famed book Principles of Human Heredity and Racial Hygiene in which he claimed that the Herero were animals, that German race was superior and he applauded the concentration camps. While Adolf Hitler was jailed, he read Dr. Fisher's book. Fischer's ideas of a German supreme race and the ideas for concentration camps inspired Adolf Hitler to write Mein Kampf (2, 3, 9, 19, 22, 30, 31, 32, 37, 41, 46, 50). Many people attack Hitler without looking at Dr. Fischer, when Fischer was Hitler's inspiration and where Hitler got all of his ideas about race, genetics and the ideas of concentration camps in the first place. You could say that Adolf Hitler was both Eugen Fischer's pet and creation. Before Hitler came to power in 1925, Dr. Fischer was the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Genetics and Eugenics. One of Dr. Fischer's students was none other than Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd who went back to South Africa and became the drafter of Apartheid and Prime Minister of South Africa (Verwoerd being Adolf Hitler II, Fischer's second pet and second creation in South Africa) (5, 6, 9, 16). During this time, the Rockefeller Foundation was funding Dr. Fischer and his genetic and genealogy research. In 1929, Fischer and many other doctors began a project choosing 63 research sites to do studies on family genealogy, craniometry, and blood group testing. The others involved in this five year project included the Kaiser predecessor Rudolph Martin (1864-1926), Otto Aichel (1871-1935) director of the Anthropology Institute of Kiel University, Egon Frieherr von Eickstadt (1892-1965) director of the Institute at Breslau, Otto Reche (1979-1966) director of the state research institute for ethnic studies at Leipzig, Ernst Rudin (1874-1952) head of the genealogical and demographic department of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, and others such as Walter Scheidt (1895-1976), Karl Saller (1902-1969), and Theodor Mollison (1874-1952). The project was completed in 1934 right after Hitler came to power in a series known as The German Races: Studies on Race, Lineage, Volkstum and Families of the German People (48). Hitler, being Fischer's pet, began implementing the sterilization program against blacks, Jews and gypsies, using Fischer's study to justify it. And in 1934, Hitler placed Dr. Eugen Fischer in charge of training the SS doctors who later performed all their experiments on Jews, blacks, gypsies, gays and soldiers in the concentration camps. Dr. Fischer gave his first courses on eugenics to the SS doctors at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in 1934. Hitler then placed Dr. Fischer in charge of the Anthropology, Hereditary Biology and Race Hygiene Department at University of Berlin where he continued to train SS doctors for the prison camps and he continued his dialogues and associations with other previous students around the world with discussions on their "research." (9, 19, 22, 37, 46, 50). In either 1938 or 1939, Dr. Fischer published Racial Origin and the Racial History of the Hebrews which Hitler, his biggest fan, also read (14). Although the book contained much false information about the Jews and their heritage, Hitler took the book to be factual and began sending the Jews into the concentration camps for genocide. At the same time, Dr. Otmar Verschuer, who later became Fischer's successor at the University, published Racial Biology of the Jews, which also made Hitler's nightstand (18). The Nazi doctors began all sorts of unethical, cruel and genocidal experiments on the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and blacks, many of which were Fischer's SS trained doctors (2, 9, 39, 44, 50). A series of letters were put forth in the Nuremberg Trials on the Internet in the Mazal Library documenting viral experiments of Dr. Eugen Haagen, SS Dr. Kurt Gutzeit, and SS Dr. Arnold Dohmen (13, 15, 35, 39, 40, 47). The letters discuss a meeting between Handloser, Haagen, Schreiber, Gutzeit, Ernst Grawitz, Dohmen, and Rudolf Brandt. Dr. Haagen a major in the Medical Corps and Director of the Hygenic Institute of Reich University of Strausberg (7) was the superior doctor to SS Dr. Kurt Gutzeit who was a personnel member living at Auschwitz. Dr. Arnold Dohmen was Dr. Gutzeit's assistant (39). The three of them were mainly doing experiments with various animal viruses and human viruses such as hepatitis. Gutzeit would write Haagen on their progression and successes with their experiments. Dr. Haagen would make requests for healthy people, mainly Jews, Russian soldiers caught during the war, and gypsies (47). The people were injected with various forms of what the doctors referred to as the "Jaundice Virus" which was another word for Hepatitis (35). Although Dr. Dohmen was also a SS doctor living at Auschwitz, his superior officer Dr. Gutzeit reprimanded him because Dohmen only wanted to work with the animals rather than the people. The animal-human mixed viruses were instead injected into the people, not only at Auschwitz, but apparently Dr. Dohmen was also doing the Hepatitis experiments at Sachsenhausen (13). In one specific letter to Dr. Haagen, Dr. Gutzeit noted his and Dr. Dohmen's successes in experiments involving the "Nephritis Virus" along with Hepatitis Viruses (40). Nephritis is a non-human virus, but a virus only found in rabbits and mice. It is highly unlikely that in the middle of WWII that two SS doctors living at Auschwitz would be trying to save the bunny rabbits of the world from the Nephritis Virus. We know that the successes to which Dr. Gutzeit was referring to were experiments of a Nephritis Virus on human beings, more than likely prisoners in the camps of Auschwitz and Sachsenhausen. Considering that the rest of the experiments of the time had to do with forms of "Jaundice Virus" or the Hepatitis Virus, this was more than likely some sort of crossbreed virus between the two. Hepatitis G was discovered in 1996, a new form of Hepatitis (12, 26, 27, 54). In January of 2003, a group of doctors linked Hepatitis G to a cross between Hepatitis and GlomeruloNephritis (54). To this date the only known doctors in the world to have been conducting unethical experiments with a "Nephritis Virus" and a Hepatitis Virus were Drs. Haagen, Gutzeit, and Dohmen. When we look at the world-wide prevelance of Hepatitis G, we can see that some of the highest rates of infection fell behind the Iron Curtain after Russia liberated Sachsenhausen (49). Those areas fall between the rates of 1.2%-3% of the populations of countries like Czechoslovakia being infected with this hybrid Hepatitis/Nephritis virus (26). The Sachsenhausen concentration camp had the highest number of Russian-captured soldiers in it at the end of WWII, when Russia liberated it in 1945. Only 3000 people were rescued, in no condition for marching and with all due respect to reality, soldiers do have the tendency to buy prostitutes, which could account for present-day infection rate figures being that Hepatitis G is also a sexually transmitted disease. Being that the disease fell behind the Iron Curtain after the war, the curtain seemed to act as a barrier between the then Communist infection and the rest of Europe and when Hepatitis G was discovered in Finland it was thought to be a rare disease, however, as we will later learn, it's not rare at all. What happened to the 7 Nazis associated with these cross-species virus experiments on humans? SS Dr. Siegfriend Handloser, the Chief of the Medical Service of the Armed Forces went before the Nuremberg Trials on other indictments and was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. His sentence was reduced to 20 years on appeal. Dr. Schreiber was also tried. Dr. Rudolf Brandt, the Personal Administrative Officer to Himmler was sentenced to death by hanging and hung on June 2, 1948 (60). Dr. Ernst Grawitz committed suicide (56). Dr. Eugen Haagen testified in the trial of Dr. Ding (20) but was never really charged with anything himself despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against him in the form of letters. Apparently, according to several sources, Dr. Haagen was given a new identity by the American CIA in the Project Paperclip Program by Boris Pash (8, 45). No one knows what happened to Dr. Gutzeit nor Dr. Dohmen after the war. Since Haagen was never charged with anything, neither were they and apparently there were several groups that had governmental interest to see to it that they disappeared. They remain on the Auschwitz's list of personnel as "Fate Unknown" (53). Although many would be likely to point the finger once again at the American CIA for Dr. Gutzeit and Dr. Dohmen, in addition to Dr. Haagen, I would find this highly illogical and here's why. Dr. Gutzeit was clearly military personnel, somewhat brutal military personnel and would not have been a likely choice in the Project Paperclip Program as he had lived at Auschwitz for too many years. Dr. Haagen, on the other hand, was a professor, a teacher living in a cozy home away from that kind of environment teaching classes and thus, a candidate to teach Americans on what sick viruses that the German's had created. If the CIA had Dr. Haagen, they wouldn't need Dr. Gutzeit, nor Dr. Dohmen. Dr. Haagen received all the reports on the different experiments that the other doctors had conducted, Dohmen's, Gutzeit's and others. There was always the possibility that Dr. Dohmen could have been at Sachsenhausen when the Russians liberated it and if so, it could be equally likely that the Russians had one of the other two doctors as well. Since Dr. Dohmen didn't want to be injecting people with diseases in the first place but wanted to work with animals instead, either the Russians or the Americans could have taken him as well. Surely the CIA had a National Security Interest in protecting the American public from these newly created German cross-species viruses. So the best way to find the two missing doctors is to track down at least one of their creations, Hepatitis G. In doing so we find that neither Russia, nor Czechoslovakia, nor America, nor Germany has the most number of Hepatitis G cases, but rather South Africa has the highest number of Hepatitis G cases, where 20% of the blacks (not whites) are infected with Hepatitis G (54). This 20% infection rate among blacks-only in South Africa is extremely unusual. We know that by the normal course of a sexually transmitted disease between soldiers, prostitutes and the community, that infection rates behind the Iron Curtain from 1945-2000 became 1.2%-3% of the population infected (26). Yet blacks, nowhere near Auschwitz and Sachsenhausen have a 20% infection rate and it's highly unlikely that the blacks in South Africa had sex any more frequently than Russian soldiers and prostitutes. The only likely way that the blacks in South Africa could have such high infection rates is if a group of doctors intentionally infected them with the hybrid hepatitis/nephritis Hepatitis G virus. So how did the virus get down to South Africa? I'm not entirely sure if that can be explained at the moment and I invite others to further this research. There are answers to puzzles that lie in both the history of South Africa and German Southwest Africa, present-day Namibia. After WWI, German South Africa became a protectorate of the League of Nations and then under British control for the most part. During WWII, the British army took 1,220 Germans who may have had associations with the Nazi party, Hitler or Fischer and placed them in Intern Camps in another city in South Africa. Other Germans were placed on house or farm arrest during the war. After WWII, those Germans were released back to their homes in 1946 (rather than 1945 when the war ended). In 1947, those Germans began organizing to try and regain their political power once again within the South African government (30). Many of these Germans were indeed Nazis and the South West German portion of South Africa even had a square named after Adolf Hitler after WWII. In 1947, the South African Governor General G. Brand van Zyl was apparently worried about some of the Germans in this region and had a list of 234 that he wanted to deport back to Germany. However, with the elections of 1948, the Germans had regained their political power in the South African government in full-force and those on General van Zyl's list were never deported (30). The Dutch Dr. Daniel Malan became the Prime Minister of South Africa in 1948 (5), yet another doctor. Dr. Daniel Malan had previously attended Victoria College in Stellenbosch and was from the region of South Africa known as Rhodesia, or present-day Zimbabwe (5). Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd had previously been a student of Stellenbosch University by Capetown before studying under SS doctor-trainer Dr. Eugen Fischer in Berlin (16). Dr. Malan, the Prime Minister of South Africa in 1948 considered Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd a friend and also firmly believed in Verwoerd's drafting of Apartheid. Apartheid was really no different than concentration camps of Namibia and Germany. The idea behind Apartheid was forcing the blacks to live away from the whites in other communities, sterilizing the blacks, prohibiting intermarriages between whites and blacks, and obviously, the same Nazi doctor medical experiments on the black populations that were conducted up in Nazi Germany. In 1950, Prime Minister Malan appointed Dr. Verwoerd to be the Minister of Native Affairs placing him in charge of all blacks of South Africa, Dr. Eugen Fischer's Second Hitler (5). Around the same year of 1950, several new laws were passed such as the Prohibition of Marriages Between Whites and Blacks (51), blacks were forced to relocate to the outskirts of each town or the white-policed zones, and new laws were passed specifically to separate poor whites away from blacks by giving poor whites property and taking all property rights from blacks (30). These are the actions of men that intended to begin medical experiments and genocide of one race over another. We find that it is a common trait of those who attempt to commit genocide or to conduct unethical medical experiments that they would separate their human subjects for experiments away from the rest of the population and such was the case with Dr. Verwoerd and Dr. Malan and the idea of Apartheid, a German/Dutch supremacy of false lineage written up by Dr. Fischer on German roots and the idea of Afrikaaners, "white Africans". As you will recall, when Dr. Verwoerd studied in Berlin under Dr. Fischer the project of that time was establishing 63 sites to conduct research for blood tests, ancestry tests, craniometry and family genealogy (48). Presumably Dr. Fischer would have at least chosen the original site for his book on Principles of Human Heredity and Racial Hygiene in German South West Africa, present day Namibia. Dr. Fischer would have also chosen other German communities in South Africa, such as the German population in Stellenbosch. Other sites may have included the German populations in Tangayika (present day Tanzania), Cameroon, Togo, and other German populated areas of the African continent. When looking for the names of Gutzeit and Dohmen we do find the name Gutzeit to be common in South Africa, but as yet, no direct link to Dr. Kurt Gutzeit and anyone else is welcome to further that research to account for all Gutzeits in South Africa to see if any of them trace to SS Dr. Gutzeit. Noting the demographics of other Hepatitis Viruses we find some interesting things. Hepatitis D, Hepatitis E, and Hepatitis F have fixed geographic locations. Hepatitis D, in particular, also a sexually transmitted virus is fixed among the Equatorial region of Africa, the Mediterranean, Brazil, and the Middle East. Hepatitis D does not appear to be a normal virus either, but a bio-engineered virus. Hepatitis D has incomplete RNA, which doesn't happen naturally in the world of known nature (24, 25, 52). There are four viruses at present known to humankind with incomplete RNA: Hepatitis D, a strain of Influenza type A, HIV, and a plant virus that feeds off tobacco plants called Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Since tobacco is a pesticide itself, when pesticide companies try to come up with pesticides to kill parasites that feed off pesticides (tobacco) they have to use some pretty unorthodox methods. It is highly likely that through a process known as viral splicing (52) that either accidentally or purposely the Tobacco Mosaic Virus was created. Hepatitis D and its incomplete RNA is dependent on Hepatitis B and if a person has Hepatitis D, they also have Hepatitis B. It is impossible to have Hepatitis D without Hepatitis B, for Hepatitis D is dependent upon Hepatitis B's RNA structure to compensate for its incomplete RNA structure (24, 25). Hepatitis B being the original virus and Hepatitis D being artificially created by the splicing process. HIV is the other virus with incomplete RNA seeking human cells to complete its RNA (52, 36). When we look into the predecessor animal viruses the SIV, Simian Immuno-deficiency Virus of primates and monkeys, before HIV (36), there are some interesting facts about the animals. Modern science has definitively found the SIV-1 predecessor to HIV-1 in Chimpanzees, specifically from the region of Cameroon (11, 43). Chimpanzees do not cross water and are deathly afraid of water and stay in specific areas never intermixing between chimpanzees across the African continent. HIV-1 could not be a natural phenomenon for if it were the region that should be the most infected with the virus should be the region around Cameroon, the chimpanzees’ natural habitat. The region around Cameroon only has a 5.1%-10% infection rate of HIV-1 among the population, which although high, is not the highest rates in Africa. The highest rates in Africa for HIV-1 stem from the areas that used to be South Africa before they separated into different countries: Namibia 20% population infected, South Africa 19.9% of population infected, Swaziland 25% of population infected, Lesotho 24% of population infected, Zambia 20% of population infected, Zimbabwe 25% of population infected, Botswana 16% of population infected Clearly if HIV-1 happened naturally, since the chimpanzees don't cross water, the South African country of Dr. Verwoen's and Dr. Malan's 1950-1966 reign should not have higher rates than Cameroon, but South Africa does have double or more the HIV-1 rates than the area around the chimpanzees natural habitat. Angola its Portuguese colonized neighbor, separating the Cameroon chimps from South Africa only has a 1.1%-5.0% population infection rate. Somehow, the German chimp Cameroon SIV-predecessor didn't infect the blacks in Cameroon nearly as much as it infected South Africa and it seemed to skip a lot over Angola. Simultaneously, HIV-1 and Hepatitis G infect an almost equal number of blacks in South Africa roughly a 20%/20% figure of the population infected with both diseases (54). When researching HIV-2 comes yet another complexity. The SIV-2, Simian Immune-deficiency Virus predecessor for HIV-2 didn't come from chimpanzees at all, but from sooty matabeys who have even less genetic similarities to humans. The matabeys come pretty much from the area around German colonized Togo in equatorial Africa. Although the HIV-2 statistics were incomplete on the 2000 figures we find that HIV-2 populates the same equatorial region as Hepatitis D. So 20% of the population is infected with HIV-1 (cross-species virus) in South African areas of the Malan/Verwoerd administration in present day and 20% of the black population is also infected with Hepatitis G, the Gutzeit/Dohmen WWII creation of a cross between rabbit virus Nephritis and Hepatitis. The equatorial region of Africa infected with HIV-2 is also infected with Hepatitis D, which has a fixed geography. Who would use German chimpanzees for animal experiments and who would use German matabeys for animal experiments? The British would have no use for German chimpanzees because they could get their chimpanzees from Kenya and Tanzania if they wanted to conduct animal experiments on chimpanzees. The Belgians and French would have no use for German chimpanzees, for they could get their chimpanzees from Congo. And since chimpanzees never cross water unless man takes them out of their habitat and puts them on a plane or ship, the only people that would be using both German chimpanzees and German matabeys in animal experiments would be Germans, like Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd or Dr. Eugen Fischer or Dr. Kurt Gutzeit or Dr. Arnold Dohmen or any SS trained doctor or student doctor of Dr. Fischer-who trained all SS doctors. We do know for a fact that Nazi doctors were working on cross-species sexually transmitted viruses between animals and humans during WWII (13, 15, 35, 39, 40, 47). The further puzzling mystery within South Africa among HIV-1 cases is the 25% population infection rates of Zimbabwe (Dr. Malan's birthplace [5]), 25% population rates of infection in Swaziland (the place where Dr. Verwoen's assassin was from [1]), and the 24% population rates of infection in Lethoso. From the spread of newly formed sexually transmitted diseases among soldiers and prostitutes, the worst spreaders, we find that in Russia/Czechoslovakia that after 55 years only 1.2%-3% of the population would be infected with Hepatitis G. Swaziland's, Lethoso's, and Zimbabwe's infection rates are above this 3% threshold between their countries and the rest of South Africa from 1950-2000, so there may be some additional factor in those countries. Surely the creators of such hybrid viruses would behave the same as the Nazis did after WWII. The Nazi doctors and those working in the camps just tried to claim that the Jews, gypsies, gays, blacks, and soldiers of other nations supposedly got sick on their own. This, however, was not the case and those people were intentionally injected with various diseases on purpose and studied like guinea pigs having their body parts removed for research. If the drafters of Apartheid were confronted on the same question with regards to South Africa, I'm sure they'd react no differently. Right now, they still try to make stories up about blacks eating monkeys or point the fingers at the Belgians or maybe still blame it on the blacks "genetics" or blaming homosexuals. Hepatitis G was manufactured in a laboratory, a cross between rabbit virus Nephritis and Hepatitis and the Nazis were the only known group to experiment with such viruses and to have succeeded with it (40). Since 20% of the blacks in South Africa are infected with Hepatitis G and an almost equal number with HIV-1 (another animal virus-human virus), such infection rates could have never happened naturally but only through Dr. Eugen Fischer's ideas of concentration camps/Apartheid (Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd) and experiments of SS trained doctors doing medical research on them. Just as Adolf Hitler was Dr. Eugen Fischer's pet in Germany, apparently Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd (Minister of Native Affairs 1950/Prime Minister 1958-1966) was Dr. Fischer's pet in South Africa.

Disclaimer: The following web references were used when writing this and although the factual information came from these sources, the originating sites may have drawn different conclusions from the same facts. The author of this piece has a strength with abstract reasoning along with logical reasoning thus, tends to see what is left out of the facts or what a person or governing authority is hiding with facts, false facts, or by silence. The referring sites may have seen the same facts and not had similar conclusions. The author does however welcome criticism and correction if facts or inferences are incorrect and will change the site if proven incorrect. The author also welcomes others to dig into the missing facts that she was unable to find to do further research for their own publications, please see what the author would have liked to have had in the section called "NEEDING FURTHER RESEARCH".

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